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2-Day Acting Workshop
for Perth Actors

There is an abundance of talent with different levels of experience in Perth, WA. I am fortunate to meet a lot of actors through my work. One thing that I've learned by directing actors on set, is that good training is half the work. This workshop will prepare you to work on a film set, take direction, understand the lingo & expectations and create a character based on a script & character brief. Whether you want to freelance or look for an agent, your journey starts here.


Not looking for a class? Reach out to if you are looking for one-on-one coaching to prepare for a self tape or role. 


15th & 16th of January

Saturday & Sunday

8AM - 6PM

Tuart Hill


What's Included?

On Saturday, we break down the script & analyse your character. You will work with your scene partner to create chemistry & timing. We will shape the character & you will perform the scene with your scene partner on Sunday.

On Sunday, the lights are set up, the camera is ready to roll & you'll be acting with your scene partner. We will rehearse the scene on set, block through the actions & record your performance. After lunch, we watch the performances back as a group and talk through them. 


How do I sign up?

You can sign up at the bottom of this page and secure your spot. 

After you sign up, I will sent a confirmation email with more information for your class. This includes location details, a full schedule & your script for the class. I will include details of the role you will play. Your homework is to learn the lines as best as you can. The rest of the work will take place in your class.

I will teach you everything you need to know to confidently step onto a film set & take direction like a pro. I will teach you about the different crew roles you can expect to work with on set. How you can prepare for a role & what to do or what not do. From the moment you arrive to class until the minute we finish, it will feel like you're on set. 

Early bird price



Not sure if this workshop is for you? Chat with me before you secure your spot.

You can reach me via email Email through your concerns or questions & I will give you a call to talk it through with you. 

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