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Nice to meet you!

We're excited you're here. Let's capture your story, like a movie. A great way to raise awareness, tell a new audience about your business and add something unique to your marketing.

Email us for a customised quote, or explore your options below.


Cinematic storytelling for your business.

We offer end-to-end video production packages for the corporate & commercial sector, including turning your story into a mini or full-length documentary. We are experts in cinematic storytelling, think movie-like scenes with you or your business as the lead. It's a modern way to grab the attention of many and communicate with your target audience.


High Quality, Fast Turnaround.

Your business, brand or product is your gem. We want to make it shine. ​We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround times, without jeopardising quality or budget. It allows you to see the results quicker.


Here are the 6 steps we use to create your videos:

  • Step 1: Online or in-person meeting. We hear your story and what need you have for the videos, i.e. are you solving a problem with these videos, are you launching a new service or product etc

  • Step 2: We create a script & story board within 24-48 hours. We share this with you and talk you through it over a coffee or online meeting. Once approved, we tackle the main aspects of pre-production. 

  • Step 3: We plan the shoot, including sourcing talent, locations & anything else that is required to create the vision.

  • Step 4: Production time. We're on set to film all of the content for your videos.

  • Step 5: Editing & Post-production. From sound design to colour grade, we're creating the final videos. 

  • Step 6: We schedule an online or in-person meeting with you to review the videos and gather feedback from you. If there are any revisions to be made, this is where we make them. Once approved, you receive your final videos.

If you are filming an educational course, workshop or other event with episodic content, please let us know in the discovery call and we can discuss the options for the editing component of the video package. In most cases, we can ensure the editing will be done without additional costs, however in some circumstances an additional fee may apply, if the content requires extensive editing for specific platforms.

Our most popular production package explained in 90 seconds

A great option for business videos is our entry-level corporate package. In the video on the right, Kelly explains what you receive, how much it costs & how it works.

Looking for something more cost-effective & long term? Contact us to learn more about our retainer options and to obtain a quote.

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Don't like the back and forth of emails? 

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