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Nice to meet you!

We're excited you're here. Let's create video assets for your business. Video assets come in many different forms: TV ads (15 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec), corporate videos, social media ads & many more. The world is all about video marketing & we're here to help you connect with your audience.

Email us for a customised quote, or explore your options below.


Keeping it simple, with high quality results.

We offer end-to-end video production packages for the corporate sector, including cinema, TVC & social ads for your business. This package includes everything from concept to final video. One booking, all the deliverables. 


High Quality, Fast Turnaround.

Packages start from $5,000.00

  • 10 hour day of filming on location 

  • Pre-production: planning, story boarding and location scouting

  • Editing (Commercial: 60 second ad, 30 second ad, 15 second ad. Corporate/Other: up to 6 long form videos or 12 short form videos. )

  • Professional equipment & a minimum 4-person crew (camera operators, drone, sound & in most cases, behind the scenes photography).


What can we film in 10-hours? Here are some ideas:

  • Approximately 7 corporate interviews

  • 3-months worth of social media content

  • 1 to 2 business case studies/business introduction videos or educational content

  • 4 on-boarding videos (OHS & Compliance included)

  • 3 recruitment videos

  • 1 - 3 social media ads

If you are filming an educational course, workshop or other event with episodic content, please let us know in the discovery call and we can discuss the options for the editing component of the video package. In most cases, we can ensure the editing will be done without additional costs, however in some circumstances an additional fee may apply, if the content requires extensive editing for specific platforms.

Our most popular production package explained in 90 seconds

A great option for business videos is our entry-level corporate package. In the video on the right, Kelly explains what you receive, how much it costs & how it works.

Looking for something more cost-effective & long term? Explore our retainer options.

Planning an event & looking for videography/photography to capture all the action? Explore our event packages.

Working with us means you get an entire team of professionals, dedicated to making your business look the best. We have worked on social media campaigns, fully fledged recruitment campaigns (it's cheaper to use well scripted videos that are on brand & filmed professionally to attract the right talent, compared to a recruitment agency) and we have created countless video education courses that sell. 

When you start your journey to finding the right team for the job, a lot of things come to mind. For us, we care about our core ethics and values and aligning them with yours. Since this is reading a bit like a postcard, we will share ours first & you can decide whether that is a match (bit like online dating...):

Our Values

  • Integrity: This will always come first for us. We're a loyal bunch & we're transparent. We value honesty and open communication within our own team. It's something that is front and centre when we're working with you.

  • Passion: Without passion, the videos will be mediocre at best. Our crew gets excited over a lot of different things. It drives us to explore creative options to make the videos the best that they can be, for you! We love showing off other people's products, services & organisations. We want you to look absolutely amazing & we do it with passion. 

  • Accountability: A deal is a deal. When we tell you that we can do it, we will make it happen. We set expectations with you on what we will deliver, when we will deliver it and how we will deliver it. We expect the same thing from our clients, because creating incredible videos takes both parties to deliver on their promises.

  • Respect: There is nothing worse than a disrespectful person. To us at least. We're all human. Life happens. We show up. As long as we are giving it everything we've got (some days that might not be 200%), we're still actively working towards the bigger picture! Respect each person as they are, how they are and what they stand for. 

  • Simplicity: Life is complicated enough as it is, let's not overcomplicate the act of filmmaking. To some people we are cheap, to other people we are ridiculously expensive. It's about perspective. What are we creating, how are you profiting from this and what's the end goal? We love our analogies at Double Shot. If you're shopping for a cheap car to get you by with a few scuffs and a bit of a weird sound going on, we're probably not in the right price bracket for you. If you're shopping for a car that will get you to your destination (and beyond) safely, for years to come with a powerful engine & reliability, finished with premium leather... let's talk!

Not sure what you need? Let's Chat!

Don't like the back and forth of emails? 

Call us directly on 0432 445 885

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