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Your In-House Media Team

More bang for your buck

Great media assets are the perfect business card for a company, year round. The problem is that it often relies on a single employee to get the job done at a high cost with a lot of risk attached to their skills & work ethic. 


What if we told you that we can save you time, save you energy & save you resources and get the job done better and faster?

The average cost to hire an employee in Australia is $23,000.

The average cost to onboard an employee is $1252 per hire.

The average time to hire an employee in Australia is 44 days.

The average salary of a skilled media professional is $90,736.

Plus the cost for specialist equipment...thousands of dollars.

Imagine hiring a full team that understands your needs, integrates seamlessly into your day-to- day operations & can be hired within 1 day for half of the annual cost.

  • You receive a combined total of 20 dedicated hours of media production, consulting & planning every month

  • No on-going hiring costs or on-boarding costs. We start immediately.

  • No costs to purchase specialist equipment or assets

  • No issues with sick leave, annual leave or performance reviews

  • High end videography, photography, copywriting & graphic design without delay

  • One off cost for the entire year. No hidden costs or surprise invoices.


How does this sound?

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Saving You Time

We help you to implement video solutions that save you money for years to come by designing and developing recruitment videos, on-boarding solutions & your year round media needs. Including ads.

We work from our office & are on call for your media needs. No desk space required. Together, we schedule a full day per month, when our team comes to your office to film, photograph & consult. We turn all of your media assets around within 48-hours.


Saving You Money

Your team is not spending countless hours in interviews to find the one person who can do it all. You are saving time & money by having an expert team start immediately, without worrying about integrating into an exisiting team. Our output & input is 6x greater than a single employee, meaning we achieve a lot more in less time.

We can save you $70K+ up front & make you triple the amount within 12 months through time & cost saving solutions.


Saving You resources

Your problems become our focus point for media based solutions. You’d be surprised how much time, energy & resources you can save by having one high-end, well crafted video on your website or on your recruitment ads.

Imagine if only the right people clicked on your ads. Filtering out the noise through a strong online media presence is the key to becoming the number one service provider for your industry.

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One payment

12-Months of service


The Hours

Our team is your in-house media team for:

  • 8 dedicated hours of video & photo creation at your office per month

  • 10 on-call hours for consulting over Zoom, Teams or via phone per fortnight

  • 4-hours of staff training per month (camera interview skills for HR, presenting skills for C-suite executives)


On-Call Services

We work from our office & are on call for your media needs. No desk space required.

Together, we schedule a full day per month, when our team comes to your office to film, photograph & consult. You receive your digital assets weekly or within 48-hours in bulk.


Rapid Integration

  • No notice periods, we start tomorrow

  • No negotiations about salary or working conditions

  • No additional payroll, tax or superannuation to worry about. Get a team of 6 experts in their fields

  • We show up with a work ethic that makes your other employees level up.


The Price

$54,995.00 + GST

When you engage our services as your in- house media team, you pay a one off fee. We sign a contract and stipulate any special requests.

We start working for you that same week!

If you require the payment to be split, we can offer 2 x payments. One at the start of the contract, and one at the 6-month mark.

Yes, I'm In!

That's a bold assumption. Here is how you can get in touch so we can start working together, or we can answer any questions you have. 

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